Aquí vamos otra vez..

Lugares, culturas, ambientes ¿dónde está la frontera del arte? / Have you ever think about art frontiers?


Para empezar: Si has llegado al año 2023, tienes que levantarte de esa silla, mirar al cielo y dar gracias… luego vuelves y sigues leyendo.

Aquí estamos, listos para reiniciar nuestras vidas después de una pandemia y tantas otras cosas que pasan simultáneamente, porque, como ya vimos, la historia tiene múltiples capas.

Y en esta nueva era, espero que estés haciendo al menos una cosa que amas. En mi caso, estoy lista para empezar a escribir sobre arte, museos y tantas otras cosas que me apasionan y que, a simple vista son arte, ya sea creado por los seres humanos o por alguna mano invisible tremendamente talentosa.

Es una nueva era y espero que hayas encontrado algo maravilloso que hacer con tu vida. Ojo, no pido que hayas abandonado todo lo demás. Nuestras vidas también están llenas de capas: la familia, el Yo (del que hablaremos en algún momento), el trabajo y la comunidad, son solo algunas. La idea es hacer lo que amamos en algunas de esas capas y amar lo que hacemos en las otras. Al menos, ese sería mi aprendizaje de la reciente pandemia ¿Cuál es el tuyo? Deja algún comentario, aunque sea sólo para recordarnos que sigues aquí.


Just to restart: If you have reached the year 2023, you have to get up from that chair, look at the sky and give thanks… then you come back and finish reading.

Here we are, restarting our lives after a pandemic and so many other things that happen simultaneously, because, as we know now, history has multiple layers.

And in this new era, I hope you’re doing at least one thing you love. In my case, I’m ready to start writing about Art, museums and so many other things that I am passionate about and that, at first glance, are art, whether created by human beings or by some tremendously talented invisible hand.

It’s a new era and I hope you’ve found something wonderful to do with your life. Watch out! I am not saying I hope you abandoned everything else. Our lives are also full of layers: family, Self (which we’ll talk about at some point), work, and community are just a few of those. The idea is to do what we love in some of those layers and love what we do in the others. At least, that’s the lesson I learned from the recent pandemic. What is yours? Leave a comment, even if it’s just to remind us that you’re still here.

One thought on “Aquí vamos otra vez..

  1. Mahmoud Alarab says:

    You have always inspired me.
    I guess we all needed such a reminder at some point, specially now, once all the New Year’s resolution faded away as they always do every year.
    Mine, priorities, that is all I am thinking about, I need to balance everything in my life and make sure that I give the right weight for everything layer – as you called them.
    Some layers should be a good foundation for others and some other layers are just the cherry on the top, looks nice but not necessary if cannot afford it as long as the taste is good.
    Keep it up my friend.

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